What is Self-Worth ?

What exactly is self-worth? And how can you cultivate it?

According to my favorite family therapist Sharon Wegscheider-Cruse,

self-worth is truly knowing and caring about yourself.

High self-worth is desiring to feel a sense of energy and freedom at your core.

I love this. Experiencing high self-worth means that you direct your energy inward. The time and attention that you give yourself is positive, healing, and uplifting.

People with high self worth are kind to their bodies. They recognize that the body is an incredibly intricate machine that works hard to keep itself functioning. They treat their bodies with honor by exercising, eating well, and developing positive self-care habits. They use their thoughts as a tool to uplift, rather than a way to degrade.

I’ve found that it can be so easy to fall in love with someone else, and adore a man for his physical imperfections and little faults, but it’s not quite so simple to care about me and my own body. I think that learning to truly care about yourself is the beginning to high self worth.

These lessons were inspired by Sharon Wegscheider-Cruse from her book Learning to Love Yourself.

What are your foundations of self-worth?

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How to Love Yourself Now.

Recently, Tyra Banks teamed with Special K to raise awareness about the habit of fat talk  in our culture. As women, we say terrible things about our bodies to our friends, to our lovers, and to ourselves. We would never accept it if a friend spoke to us this way, nor would we call a partner fat (well, at least not in a healthy relationship.)

Fat talk damages how we experience our bodies. And it has to stop.

But I want to extend the discussion beyond only fat talk, and eliminate all kinds of negative talk.

Have you ever stopped and listened to things you say about yourself in your head?


-Nobody is ever going to love me.

-I’m too short.

-I sucked on that presentation.

If you want to learn to love yourself now, I encourage you to stop those thoughts dead in their tracks. Switch to positive, encouraging thoughts that you believe about yourself.


-I’m  going to find the right partner when the time is right.

-My body is cute and fabulous.

-I worked really hard on that project, and that’s what matters.

If there is anyone in the world you should be gentle with, it’s you.

So, cut off those negative thoughts. All of them. Purify your mind, so that only encouraging, warm thoughts is in your head.

You deserve it.