Best Hollywood Brunch Date: The Roof on Wilshire

I came to The Roof on Wilshire, a rooftop restaurant, bar, and pool at the Wilshire Hotel, for a weekend brunch date.

Stepping from the elevator and onto the veranda felt like walking directly into a glamorous scene from Madmen.

Parties of six or seven clustered beneath a shaded cabanas and around carafes of mimosas, while waitresses carted well-portioned plates of biscuits & gravy ($12), yummy grilled cheese ($11), and orange brandy French toast ($13) between attractive women who dosed by the poolside.

Since our table was right by the pool, I could dip my toes into the water as I ate a breakfast of scrabbled eggs, bacon, toast, and potatoes ($12) with a spicy Bloody Mary ($12).

Despite the magnificent panorama of greater Los Angeles, with views of Beverly Hills, Hollywood, and Downtown, the prices remain terribly decent and the well-healed patrons are friendly and unpretentious.

This is a wonderful place to take someone from out of town who wants a glimpse of accessible Los Angeles luxury.


Screenshot 2014-05-20 13.25.15

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I also enjoy going during sunset, which is equally as romantic.

VIPLoungeDiffusedImage courtesy of

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