Your Favorite Spring CC Cream: Supergoop!

I wanted to share my favorite CC Cream for the spring: Supergoop!’s CC Cream Daily Correct Broad Spectrum SPF 35 Sunscreen.

3 Pros

1. The texture is so lovely to apply to the skin. I’ve found that a few other CC creams that I’ve tried are too thick or too thin. This has a silky consistency that is pleasant for the spring, when the skin is still dry from the winter.

2. It’s chock full of SPF. Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide are the two active sunscreen ingredients. I’m super big on SPF.

3. The coverage is great. My skin tone looks young and even. I like this product because it allows my freckles to show during the day, while offering the right amount of coverage for daily wear. I feel like I’m protecting my face, rather than slopping it with makeup.

2 Cons

1. The “Medium/Dark” is not great for medium/dark complexions. I asked my sister to try on the product (she’s about 2 shades darker than me), and the self-adjusting shade remained too little light for her. The manufacturers should definitely consider a “Light,” “Medium,” “Dark” range of colors, rather than Light/Dark and Medium/Dark.

2. Your face has to be TOTALLY CLEAN before applying this product. This means removing even last night’s cream before applying, otherwise the self-adjusting shade does not work correctly. There have been times when I reached for my favorite tinted moisturizer, rather than my Supergoop! CC cream, because I did not want to remove my night cream from the evening before.

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