How to Dress for a Lingerie Party.

Oh Los Angeles,

A city where a normal woman may find herself dancing in her panties on the lawn of a Beverly Hills mansion on a Tuesday night.

An LA native, I feel it’s important to elucidate the art of dress.

1. Don’t assume that you have to wear a bra & panty set.

in fact, I suggest you don’t. Get creative with corsets, baby-dolls, silk gowns, bodice sets, and the like. The bra & panty set is a great option, but wear it under something else to start off.

2. Dress in layers.

Just as a burlesque dancer strips away her outfit layer by layer, begin with a full outfit that can be unveiled one piece at a time.There’s no need to exhibit the main attraction right off the bat.

Once you get to the party, remove the outerwear and wear your silky chemise, your nightgown, or your corset. Somehow, I feel like it’s easier to have a conversation when you’re still wearing clothes.

3. Adorn your outfit with jewelry.

A necklace of pearls with black silk is always classy.

4. Get creative with the leg-wear.

Think funky fishnets, skanky tights, sheer black thigh highs with garters. I do suggest you invest in high-quality legwear, since the right hosierycan make your legs look incredible. I buy my leg wear at (So many hot memories, thanks to their extraordinarily thigh high socks).

5. Invest in some sexy footwear.

I wear shoes that appear to barely be there, whereas I know of girls who like spikey boots. Whatever fits your rhythm. Just make sure those shoes are sky-high.

6. Ultimately, do whatever makes you feel comfortable.

And if you’re not feeling it, go home and get into bed.

It’s funny: lingerie parties carry a certain stigma, but what’s the difference between lingerie and swimwear? Instead of going for a swim, you’re going to bed!


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