Word of the Day: Rake.

rake  noun a fashionable or wealthy man of dissolute or promiscuous habits. [from the title of a series of engravings (1735) by Hogarth.] ORIGIN mid 17th cent.: abbreviation of archaic rakehell in the same sense.  

Beauty Essentials: Fresh Faced Beauty Makeup with Lisa Eldridge & Sophie Dahl

Here is a fantastic video about “fresh faced beauty” by celebrity makeup artist Lisa Eldridge and British model Sophie Dahl.

I found her tips to be super helpful for my morning beauty routine. I particularly love her explanation of a CC Cream, which she says is just a tinted moisturizer with extra bells and whistles.


4 Things Single Guys do that Women Should do Too.

So, you’re “between boyfriends.” What should you do? 1. Travel Recently, I realized that every single guy I knew was traveling to Lake Tahoe or Mexico or Florida or Catalina or Australia. Where have I been since the holidays? No … Continue reading